A Serious Bit of Kit

Two weeks ago I needed to drill a hole in a random piece of stone that I was using as a plinth for a sculpture. As I wasn’t sure of the best way to go about this, I looked it up on YouTube and the answer was a rotary hammer drill. I had one that belonged to my late partner, but had never used it. (Quite proficient with an ordinary drill, as I have had plenty of practice, but the hammer drill is very much bigger and heavier and I didn’t even know where to have the settings, but YouTube solved that problem).

Then yesterday I needed to reduce the size of some of the random stones on my kitchen wall, to accommodate a fridge freezer. I tried using a hammer and chisel, but couldn’t even make a dent in the stone. It was then that I remembered that the hammer drill also had a chisel attachment.

The noise played havoc with my tinnitus, so out came the ear defenders and how ludicrous I looked – especially as I neglected to remove my earrings! But what a lovely toy!


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Born in Liverpool at the end of WW2, but raised in Skelmersdale. I first studied art in Southport from 1960-63 and worked in graphic design till I married. In December 1969 I moved to Zambia with my husband and two young children. There I taught art in the local girls school, illustrated for the National Correspondence College and did all sorts of other artwork, paid and unpaid. In 1978 I divorced and remarried in the summer of 1980. In 1985 I became ill and the following year cancer was diagnosed. There was no treatment available in Zambia and so I had to go to the UK. After recovering from a radium needle implant I went back to Zambia, but 18 months later the cancer recurred and it was off to the UK again for radical surgery. This time I realised I must stay in the UK where treatment was available, so I never returned to Zambia nor my husband. A few months later I applied for a degree course, but two years later the disease metastasised and I spent most of my final year in and out of hospital. It’s been a long hard road, but I’m still plodding on and it is now 24 years since my last cancer treatment. Because of my experience of cancer and surviving against the odds, I try and help others cope with their devastating diagnosis and prognosis.

4 thoughts on “A Serious Bit of Kit”

  1. You could be the only person who uses a hammer drill wearing ear rings. This could indeed should start a trend. And they are fun aren’t they. Mine does not have a chisel attachment. I have chisel envy 😱


    1. To think that it lay dormant under a cupboard for nearly eight years, when I could have been having so much fun – and made life much easier in the bargain!


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