2012 – at Last


This is the mosaic Paul’s daughter-in-law and the family did for me to go as a back-splash behind the sink. It’s based on one of my late partner’s paintings of Hong Kong. (You can see it in situ later on).

My apologies to everyone for neglecting my blog last year. You’ll be wondering what’s happened to me.

It was a very busy year with trying to get the kitchen and extension finished. Well, we are nearly there, though I had a few problems with the floor rising up and the rain pouring down onto it, though not on account of the new build, but with the rain coming into the old building at the roof and tracking through the stone wall until it found the three girders, travelling along and dripping off the edge of them, through the plasterboard and onto the floor. You may recall it’s a terraced house and the neighbours in the rented house next door had a similar problem and finding the source was/is proving very difficult.
The landlord of the house next door blamed me for the problems they were having. He insisted the ingress of rain to his property was caused by a couple of friends and me applying GRP to my stone gutter (in an attempt to fix the leak). Neglecting to admit that it had been raining into his property for several years before I repaired my gutter, he tried to bully me into paying £666 for him to have a drainpipe, hopper and spitter installed on HIS house! He also presented me with a bill for £84 for his builder coming out to assess the problem! They were both unbelievably rude and sanctimonious. I was actually standing on top of the new extension, looking down at the builder when he scoffed, ‘whoever heard of fibreglassing a gutter – it is more usually associated with car bodywork or boats!’ I looked at him, turned my index fingers downwards and pointed toward the roof I was standing on and said, ‘and roofing!’ He nearly choked and reluctantly had to concur.






This is my first attempt at a mosaic. Not quite up to the standard of the one behind the sink!


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Born in Liverpool at the end of WW2, but raised in Skelmersdale. I first studied art in Southport from 1960-63 and worked in graphic design till I married. In December 1969 I moved to Zambia with my husband and two young children. There I taught art in the local girls school, illustrated for the National Correspondence College and did all sorts of other artwork, paid and unpaid. In 1978 I divorced and remarried in the summer of 1980. In 1985 I became ill and the following year cancer was diagnosed. There was no treatment available in Zambia and so I had to go to the UK. After recovering from a radium needle implant I went back to Zambia, but 18 months later the cancer recurred and it was off to the UK again for radical surgery. This time I realised I must stay in the UK where treatment was available, so I never returned to Zambia nor my husband. A few months later I applied for a degree course, but two years later the disease metastasised and I spent most of my final year in and out of hospital. It’s been a long hard road, but I’m still plodding on and it is now 24 years since my last cancer treatment. Because of my experience of cancer and surviving against the odds, I try and help others cope with their devastating diagnosis and prognosis.

4 thoughts on “2012 – at Last”

  1. I know, they did it ages ago and brought it up from Cardiff (you’ve met them Mike) and I’ve only just got around to posting the picture of it in situ. I’m absolutely thrilled with it.


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